NAPW Public Education in the Classroom and Beyond (Fall 2018)

NAPW Public Education in the Classroom and Beyond (Fall 2018)

NAPW Public Education in the Classroom and Beyond (Fall 2018)

December 21, 2018

Over the last few months, NAPW has had the opportunity to speak to students, faculty members and the public around the country on a range of issues, including: birth justice, the criminalization of pregnancy, gender-discriminatory advanced directive laws, obstetric violence and more. NAPW staff presented on these topics through guest lectures and talks in classrooms around the country, educational webinars, and panel discussions following film screenings.

A few recent highlights:

1.) NAPW spoke on panel discussions following screenings of the new film “62 Days”—a short documentary following the case of Marlise Muńoz, a woman in Texas who died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism while 14 weeks pregnant, and whose body was appropriated for 62 days against her wishes and over the objection of her husband and parents to try to keep her 14-week fetus alive. NAPW’s Executive Director Lynn Paltrow joined leading reproductive rights advocates and professors following screenings of the film to speak about gender-discriminatory advanced directive laws and the human rights of people with the capacity for pregnancy.

2.) NAPW staff also delivered guest lectures to law students at Fordham Law School (NYC) and Columbia Law School (NYC), medical students at Meharry Medical College (TN) and Columbia Medical School (NYC), midwifery students at SUNY Downstate Nursing School (NYC) and midwifery faculty at Midwives College of Utah (UT).

One of these talks was a lecture to medical students (and open to the public) on “Force and Coercion in Maternity Care: Empowering Doctors to Honor Patient Rights” by NAPW Staff Attorney Indra Lusero, with the goal of educating future doctors about the state of coercion and forced medical interventions in maternity care and about how the legal rights and duties they will have as medical providers and the legal rights and duties of their patients work together.

Our talks also included a presentation on birth justice to a class of midwifery students and a presentation on “Queering Birth Justice” to midwifery faculty, as well as discussions of the criminalization of pregnancy to groups of law students and medical students. Click here to watch a recording of a talk on the “Criminalization of Pregnancy” hosted by the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School and delivered by NAPW’s Director of Legal Advocacy, Nancy Rosenbloom.


Poster advertising NAPW Founder and Executive Director Lynn Paltrow's participation on a November 2018 panel following a film screening of "62 Days".