Missed Opportunities in McCorvey v. Hill: The Limits of Pro-Choice Lawyering

Missed Opportunities in McCorvey v. Hill: The Limits of Pro-Choice Lawyering
August 17, 2011

Lynn M. Paltrow
New York University Review of Law & Social Change
Vol.35, No. 1, 2011
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This article uses the McCorvey v. Hill case to illustrate how the pro-choice movement and traditional lawyering approaches have missed critical opportunities to use attacks on Roe and other anti-abortion cases as a way to build alliances across the range of issues and movements necessary to protect the right to choose abortion, and more fundamentally the personhood of pregnant women.

Some Mothers Just Can’t Win: The Morality of Abortion and the Need for Reproductive Justice

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Last week, the Washington Post’s On Faith blog ran a post in its Guest Voices series which posed the question of whether abortion is always morally wrong, and whether “religious conservatives really believe God gives them permission to pretend this world is far simpler than it is.

Locking up pregnant women: the new cure for mental health problems?

As NAPW’s newest commentary in RH Reality Check and the Huffington Post makes clear, state laws treating fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses as legally separate from the pregnant women who carry, nurture, and sustain them creates the basis for denying pregnant women their personhood and their right to be treated like other human beings.


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(C.R.A.C.K is currently called Project Prevention).

On the surface, CRACK’s goals don’t necessarily seem dangerous or objectionable. For example they say that “The program is completely voluntary for participants,” and that their mission is “to empower the active or recovering addict with the ability and freedom to control their lives.