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If you have had an abortion and given birth, experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth, adopted or raised a child -- tell your story with a picture, a sign, a 1 minute or less video and we will post it at:

Traditional Values Coalition vs. Pregnancy Justice?

We knew that our recent commentary and video that challenges PersonhoodUSA was likely to draw fire from the Right. We were not mistaken. Shortly after releasing our video and commentary, Andrea Lafferty, President of the Traditional Values Coalition, wrote a response seeking to discredit Pregnancy Justice by "exposing" our work on behalf of drug using pregnant women.

Victory in the New Mexico Supreme Court

Supreme Court of New Mexico Strikes Down State’s Attempt to Convict Woman Struggling with Addiction During Pregnancy.

Leading Physicians, Scientific Researchers, and Medical, Public Health, and Child Welfare Organizations Applaud Court’s Order

PRESS RELEASE May 11, 2007

Drug Policy Alliance Pregnancy Justice

For Immediate Release:
Reena Szczepanski (DPA): 505-983-3277
Nancy Goldstein (Pregnancy Justice): 347-563-1647

On May 11, the Supreme Court of the State of New Mexico turned back the state's attempt to expand the criminal child abuse laws to apply to pregnant women and fetuses.

Pregnancy Justice Featured in Tompaine and RH Reality Check

Pregnancy Justice Featured in Tompaine and RH Reality Check
March 28, 2007

Towards A Real Culture Of Life

Lynn M. Paltrow

March 12, 2007

Lynn M. Paltrow is the executive director of Pregnancy Justice.

Many people in the U.S. work to protect the rights of pregnant women and to ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect.

Project Prevention in Hartford, Connecticut

In November of this year Hartford Courant Commentator, Helen Ubiñas contacted Pregnancy Justice about Barbara Harris and her latest efforts in Connecticut. Pregnancy Justice was able to provide this thinking journalist with extensive background information about the program and the letter on the "crack baby" myth from the leading researchers in the field.