Activist Update

South Dakota Activists Do the Job!

On May 30, 2006, the South Dakota Healthy Families Campaign sent a big thank you to its grassroots activists who collected more than twice the number of signatures needed to challenge South Dakota's law banning abortion. Entitled: 37,846: Thank You! they wrote:


Thanks to your hard work in circulating petitions the past nine weeks, we will be filing with the Secretary of State today, the names of nearly 38,000 South Dakotans who are calling for the repeal of the extreme abortion ban enacted by the South Dakota legislature and signed into law by Governor Rounds in March.

State v. Regina McKnight Background

As is often the situation in precedent setting new cases, prosecutors chose as their test case one in which there would be little sympathy or support for the woman they targeted. In this case they picked Regina McKnight, an indigent African-American woman with numerous health problems, a limited education, and a drug problem that began after her mother was killed in a hit and run accident.

It’s a Miracle–Not!

It's a Miracle--Not!
February 27, 2006

The Pax Cable Television Station had a show called It's a Miracle purporting to report on real miracles. This particular episode concerned a family who adopted a so called "crack" baby that miraculously turned out to be fine despite the damage the prenatal cocaine exposure allegedly caused.