How Alabama’s Amendment 2 Can Hurt ALL Pregnant Women

Vote “No” on Amendment 2 in Alabama on November 6th!
Alabama’s Ballot Measure Would Impact All Pregnant Women and People Who Want to Be Pregnant

Voters in Alabama must defeat Amendment 2. The ballot measure’s supporters claim that it will only impact abortion. But Amendment 2 would make it state policy—under all of Alabama’s laws—to “recognize and support the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children.” Although the Amendment does not define “unborn child,” this term and similar words have been interpreted under Alabama law to include fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses, impacting women from the moment they become pregnant whether they know they are pregnant or not.

This is in fact a “fetal personhood” measure, just like similar ones overwhelmingly defeated by voters in Mississippi, Colorado, and North Dakota. Because Amendment 2 is so wide-ranging, if it passes it would not only remove protection for abortion from Alabama’s Constitution, it would also require anyone with state authority—including police, prosecutors, and judges—to “ensure the protection of the rights of the unborn child (fertilized eggs embryos and fetuses) in all manners and measures….” This will hurt women who need fertility treatment, who experience stillbirth or miscarriage, who have or want abortions, who refuse cesarean surgery if a doctor recommends it, and who do almost anything during pregnancy that is thought to risk harm to a fertilized egg, embryo or fetus.