It’s a Miracle–Not!

It's a Miracle--Not!
February 27, 2006

The Pax Cable Television Station had a show called It's a Miracle purporting to report on real miracles. This particular episode concerned a family who adopted a so called "crack" baby that miraculously turned out to be fine despite the damage the prenatal cocaine exposure allegedly caused.

Most female prisoners are Black

March 23, 2005
By: Monica M. Lewis,, March 23, 2005

From 1980 to 2000, the number of women in prison increased nearly twice as fast as the number of men.

Black women are three-fourths of the record-setting number of females in state and local prisons, according to a criminal justice expert.

Stuff These Stockings (Please)

January 03, 2005
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subject to debate By: Katha Pollitt, The Nation magazine, January 3, 2005

Another holiday season—and only a year after the last one. How did that happen? Probably you are feeling a bit tapped out just now, what with having given your savings, your house and your firstborn to MoveOn, ACT and similar.

Inconceivable cynicism

February 07, 2002
By: Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe at A19, February 7, 2002

HATE to start the morning off with cynicism. It's so corrosive to the human spirit.

Yes, the Bush administration's proposal to extend health insurance coverage to embryos looks like a political ploy to keep the antiabortion wing of the Republican Party happy.

Sneak Attack

February 04, 2002
By: Bob Herbert, New York Times, February 4, 2002

They tried to camouflage the action. Bush administration officials presented it as an altruistic attempt to bring badly needed health care benefits to low-income pregnant women.