Victory: Shackling Pregnant Prisoners in Labor Found to be Cruel!

Victory: Shackling Pregnant Prisoners in Labor Found to be Cruel!
October 05, 2009

On Friday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit (the federal level appellate court that reviews decisions from federal district courts in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, and Arkansas) issued the long-awaited decision in Nelson v. Norris.

Victory in Maine re-sentencing

A U.S. District Court Judge in Maine held a sentencing hearing for an HIV positive, pregnant woman from Cameroon and released her on time served. You may recall that earlier this summer Judge Woodcock sentenced her to 238 days, stating this sentence was calculated specifically to ensure that she remained incarcerated for the duration of her pregnancy, rather than time served as recommend by Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the U.S. Attorney and the defense attorney.

United States v. “Ms. T”

United States v. "Ms. T"
June 15, 2009

US District Court of Maine
Amicus Curiae Brief of Medical, Public Health, and HIV Experts and Advocates in Support of Bail Pending Appeal Or, In the Alternative, Re-Sentencing

Post a comment in the St. Louis Dispatch

Post a comment in the St. Louis Dispatch
August 29, 2008

The St. Louis Dispatch ran an article put out by the Associated Press regarding the 8th Circuit's grant of rehearing in Nelson v. Norris, the case where Shawanna Nelson was shackled during her labor and delivery.

How can we claim to support a culture of life if we don’t value the women who give that life?

To answer this and related questions National Advocates for Pregnant Women and more than 60 organizational and individual co-sponsors are holding the National Summit to Ensure the Health and Humanity of Pregnant and Birthing Women, January 18- Sunday, January 21, 2007 at the Hilton Airport Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.

There are over twenty plenaries and workshops at the Summit addressing the question of how we do or do not value pregnant women and mothers.