What the Democrats Should Do

January 12, 2006
By: Lynn M. Paltrow, Executive Director, National Advocates for Pregnant Women

The Democratic National Party is reevaluating its position on abortion. Some members are suggesting that democrats should move away from pro-choice positions while others, including Hillary Clinton, continue to defend abortion but in seemingly more muted and apologetic terms.

Testimony To the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion

September 22, 2005
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In September of 2005, NAPW had an extraordinary opportunity to test the theory that by building on the lessons learned from our clients, our concurrent work on drug policy reform, and Terry McGovern's research on building grassroots pro-choice activism, we could begin to go on the offensive in our efforts to advance reproductive and social justice in America.

It’s Not About the Ad

August 19, 2005
By: Lynn M. Paltrow and Terry McGovern, August 19, 2005

From The New York Times to Fox News Channel, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) has been roundly criticized for running a television ad that portrayed U.S. Supreme Court nominee John Roberts as supporting violence at abortion clinics.

If the Frame Fits…

July 11, 2005
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subject to debate by Katha Pollitt [from The Nation magazine, July 11, 2005 issue]

In the wake of the 2004 election, Democrats have embarked on an orgy of what the linguist George Lakoff calls "reframing"--repositioning their policies linguistically to give them mass moral appeal.

Abortion Issue Divides, Distracts Us From Common Threats and Threads

Abortion Issue Divides, Distracts Us From Common Threats and Threads
March 12, 2005

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By: Lynn M. Paltrow, published in Perspectives, Volume 13, No.3, Winter 2005

I started my career defending a woman's right to choose abortion and now run National Advocates for Pregnant Women, an organization that works on behalf of pregnant women and families.

Stuff These Stockings (Please)

January 03, 2005
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subject to debate By: Katha Pollitt, The Nation magazine, January 3, 2005

Another holiday season—and only a year after the last one. How did that happen? Probably you are feeling a bit tapped out just now, what with having given your savings, your house and your firstborn to MoveOn, ACT and similar.