Birth rights: Reproductive justice is a growing practice area

Author/Host - Darlene Ricker
Type of Publication - Article
Title of Publication - American Bar Association (ABA) Journal
Type of mention - NAPW quote

"'There is a grave need for knowledgable lawyers, coordinated strategy and resources,' says Indra Lusero, founder and president of the Birth Rights Bar Association and a staff attorney with National Advocates for Pregnant Women. 'Currently there is no organization with the capacity to address all of these cases. We aim to fill that void by giving our members the skills, support and education they need to litigate these cases.' Lusero, who practices in Denver, says the problem is compounded by a 'broken maternity care system that spends more and accomplishes less,' while maternal mortality is rising, and evidence-based practices (such as the use of midwives and doulas) are underutilized....Bast has received backing from the BRBA and NAPW in the form of funding, finding experts and raising awareness. He says the support is crucial because most plaintiffs attorneys in reproductive justice cases are solo or small-firm practitioners, while the defense is backed by an army of attorneys, many at large firms with tremendous resources."

NAPW representative - Indra Lusero
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