CAPTA & CARA Community Teach-In: Pregnancy, Birthing, Hospitals, & Drug Testing

In partnership with The Bronx Defenders, Movement for Family Power, NYCLU, Brooklyn Defender Services, Elephant Circle, and Ancient Song Doula Services, NAPW held two teach-ins covering the history of the family regulation system and its relationship to the war on drugs, CAPTA/CARA, and the NYC Commission on Human Rights' investigation into three hospital systems' drug testing policies and practices.

If Roe Goes – More Than Abortion is at Stake!

How Fetal Protection Laws Fail to Protect (And Even Hurt) Pregnant People

When laws are passed to "protect fetuses," what does that mean for pregnant people?

Join National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) for a panel discussion featuring leaders in social work, law, medicine, and birth justice about the direct impact of fetal protection laws on pregnant people.

When Pregnancy Is Used To Deny Patients Their Civil and Human Rights

Experts Address the Rights of Pregnant Patients to Informed Consent, Bodily Integrity, and Medical Decision Making

What happens when a pregnant patient exercises their right to medical decision making? Is there any justification to override a pregnant patient’s consent? Join NAPW for a discussion featuring leaders in bioethics, medicine, law and birth justice about pregnant patients' rights to informed consent, bodily integrity, and medical decision making and the trauma that forced medical interventions can inflict on pregnant people.

In Defense of Roe

“In Defense of Roe” is a film documenting the groundbreaking 1989 conference that brought together leaders of the growing women of color reproductive rights movement with grassroots and progressive white women.

The conference was called in part as a response to the fact that mainstream groups who were organizing a march on Washington had not included women of color leaders in the planning or organizing of the march.