American Life League: Anti-Abortion ‘Personhood’ Measures Really Will Hurt All Pregnant Women

NAPW's video "How Personhood USA & The Bills They Support Will Hurt ALL Pregnant Women" and an earlier version that both appeared on the are attracting the attention of anti-abortion organizations who advance Personhood Measures across the country.

Laura Pemberton: Speaking on Her Experience of a Court-ordered Cesarian Surgery

On January 20, 2007, Ms. Laura Pemberton generously spoke at the National Summit to Ensure the Health and Humanity of Pregnant and Birthing Women, held in Atlanta, Georgia.

She spoke about her personal experiences filling in important facts missing from the trial court decision in her case, Pemberton v. Tallahassee Memorial Regional Center, 66 F. Supp.

Pregnant Women and Mothers Deserve Better

National Advocates for Pregnant Women released a commentary and video addressing the demonizing language used by some abortion opponents.

Here are some things that you can do about it:

Regardless of your point of view about abortion, you can ask your spiritual, religious, and political leaders to give a sermon or speech explaining the difference between the personal decisions women and their families make and government sponsored genocide.

Counter Anti-Choice Campus Activities

Counter Anti-Choice Campus Activities
September 08, 2009

Students, especially, can use the resources offered by Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom to counter the elaborate and well-funded college campus programs arguing that the collective actions of pregnant women and mother are worse than any genocide.