• Webinar: Pregnancy and Drug Use in the Central Valley: Hear From the Experts

    Drug use and pregnancy are sensitive subjects that are often addressed without the opportunity to hear from experts. Please watch our webinar featuring medical experts who discuss evidence-based research on drug use, addiction, and pregnancy. In addition, local legal and community advocates offer insight into the current responses to drug use and pregnancy in the Central Valley and approaches that will advance maternal, fetal, and child health. 

  • 42-AM

    Join us at Take Root 2020! October 17 & 18

    Kentucky Health Justice Network Presents Take Root: Red State Reproductive Justice. Take Root continues to create a foundational space for red state connections and organizing. As we enter into Take Root’s 10th year, we find ourselves in a crucial moment in which to engage activists in red states. Take Root 2020 will be a necessary space for responding to the current landscape, and organizing for what’s next.

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NAPW DEFENDS AND ADVOCATES FOR THE RIGHTS, health, and dignity of pregnant and parenting women


NAPW combines legal advocacy, public education and organizing to achieve a country in which no one is arrested, shamed, or denied constitutional or human rights because they have the capacity for pregnancy, are pregnant, or because of any outcome of their pregnancies — including births, miscarriages, stillbirths and abortions. NAPW is committed to advancing the equal rights and personhood of all pregnant people including those most likely to be targeted for arrest, detention, and blame — low income women, women of color, and drug-using women.




These issues are in fact interconnected and all of NAPW’s work reflects this.


How we defend and advance the rights
and dignity of people with the capacity for pregnancy

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Public Education

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NAPW News Release: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra Concludes that Experiencing a Stillbirth is Not the Same as Murder and Supports Court Petition to Free Chelsea Becker

Chelsea Becker remains in Kings County jail charged with murder under California Penal Code §187 for having a stillbirth

On Friday, California Attorney ...